Though Telecommunication is a Central subject, the support of the State is necessary to provide enabling provisions in the form of granting permissions to Telecom Service Providers/Infrastructure Providers (IPs) to establish their resources which use public/private properties. The Advisory guidelines for State Government issued by Department of Telecommunications in 2014 laid down a procedure to be adopted by various Government Bodies/Local Bodies to accord permission to various Infrastructure Providers/Licensed Operators in telecom sector to establish/augment their infrastructure resources for growth of telecom sector in the State of Bihar, suggesting Single Window Clearances, formation of State/District level Committees for addressing public grievances, etc.

With the view of above, State Government of Bihar has framed a rule named “Bihar Mobile Towers, OFC and related Telecom Infrastructure Rules, 2020” which has been formulated to ensure that State Government plays its role effectively by transforming the Socio-Economic scenario through accelerated equitable and inclusive economic growth by laying special emphasis on providing affordable and quality telecommunication services in urban, rural and remote areas of the state.

The Bihar Mobile Towers, OFC and related Telecom Infrastructure Rules, 2020 was notified vide No.- 05/NaVi/vividh-66/2020/2897 Dated-19.08.2020.

The Bihar Mobile Towers, OFC and related Telecom Infrastructure Rules, 2020 grants permission to Infrastructure Provider (IP-1) and Telecom Service Provider (TSP) for Right of Way (ROW) who make an application seeking permission to establish and maintain Telecom Infrastructure in Bihar using ROW Single Window Clearance System. This rule mainly covers underground and over ground laying of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) and establishment of mobile towers and related telegraph infrastructure. The rule allows Right of Way (ROW) clearances to the applicant in a time bound manner.