Hyperlinking Policy

Links of External Websites/Portals on Our Portal

On several pages of this portal you may find links of external websites and portals. Right of Way, Bihar doesn’t take responsibility of contents available on such links and doesn’t necessarily support their ideology. The only purpose to place such links on our portal is the convenience of portal visitors. Mere presence of links of other websites and portals on our portal should not be assumed as any kind of endorsement. Right of Way, Bihar doesn’t assure availability of such linked pages all time.

Want to Link our Portal to Your Website/Portal?

No prior permission is required by any person or organization who wants to link our portal or any of its pages to his/her website or portal. However, before linking our portal or any of its page to external website, concerned person/organization is required to intimate us for the same with detailed information through mail so that any changes or updation required can be informed. The pages belonging to this portal must load into a newly opened browser window of the User.