NOC for Establishment of Mobile Tower

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Process to Apply for NOC for Establishment of Mobile Tower

Step 1 – Register

  • To register on Portal, fill Agency Category, Name of Agency, License No., GST No., Authorized Person’s Name, Email ID, Password and other required details in respective fields.
  • Thereafter, entered Mobile No. will be verified through One Time Password (OTP). After verification, Login Credentials will be sent on the registered Mobile No. & Email ID.

Step 2 – Login

  • Login by filling Username (received on registered Mobile No. & Email ID), Password and Captcha.

Step 3 – Create Company Profile

  • After first login, a pop-up will appear in which applicant will have to submit Agency Details and Authorized Person’s Details. Applicant cannot proceed further for any actions unless he/she submits company profile details. Submit following information in particular section to create profile:

Agency Details

      • Complete Address
      • Landline Number (if any)
      • Mobile Number
      • Website URL (if any)
      • Address & Contact Details of State/Circle Office

Authorized Person’s Details

        • Designation
        • Address

Step 4 – Submit Application for NOC for Establishment of Mobile Tower

        • After creating Company Profile, applicant will be redirected to dashboard. Click on Application Form side menu, select Type of Infrastructure (Overground), Telecommunication Infrastructure (Mobile Tower), District where infrastructure has to be established, Department from whom NOC is required and click on Proceed button.
        • Thereafter, application form will open which has been divided into 5 steps. Applicant will have to submit following details in particular step:

A. Basic Details of Project & Agency

Applicant will have to submit following details in this part of form:

        • Applicant’s Name
        • Project Name
        • Project Code
        • Project Description

Applicant can edit address details of Head Office & State/Circle Office and Authorized Person’s Details, if required, at this step.

B. Details of Infrastructure and Installation Site

Applicant will have to submit following details in this part of form:

        • Infrastructure to be installed on (Land or Building)
          • If applicant selects Land, then fill
            • Plot/Khasra No.
            • Road Street
            • Ward No./Block No. & Locality
            • City/Town/Village
            • Address
            • Area of Land to be Occupied (in sq. ft.)
            • Exact Latitude of Proposed Site (In degrees, minutes & seconds)
            • Exact Longitude of Proposed Site (In degrees, minutes & seconds)
            • Type of Land
            • Nature of Tower
            • Number of Antennas
            • Height of Tower (in meter)
            • Weight of Tower (in kg)
            • Is Electricity Connection Available?
        • If applicant selects Building, then fill
          • Building Name
          • Building Height (in meter)
          • Area of Building to be Occupied (in sq. ft.)
          • Number of Floors in Building
          • Address
          • Exact Latitude of Proposed Site (In degrees, minutes & seconds)
          • Exact Longitude of Proposed Site (In degrees, minutes & seconds)
          • Nature of Tower
          • Number of Antennas
          • Height of Tower (in meter)
          • Weight of Tower (in kg)
          • Type of Building
          • Electricity Connection

C. Details of Land/Building Owner

Applicant will have to submit following details in this part of form:

        • Ownership of Land/Building (Government or Private)
          • If Private, then fill Owner’s Name
          • If Government, then fill Department’s Name
          • Address
          • District
          • Pin Code
          • Phone No.
          • Mobile No.
          • Email ID

D. Other Information Related to Proposed Work

Applicant will have to submit following details in this part of form:

        • Mode of Execution of Work
        • Time Duration of Execution of Work (in days)
        • Have you taken specific measures to reduce inconvenience? (Yes or No)
        • Have you taken safety measures for proposed work? (Yes or No)
        • Any other aspect relevant in the opinion of licensee related to the work proposed to be undertaken?
        • Any other aspect specified by Department of Telecommunication or Government of Bihar or Local Bodies?
        • Name and contact details of agency’s concerned employee/person for communication purpose in regards to the application made

E. Upload Documents

Applicant will have to upload following documents in PDF format whose file size should not exceed 2 MB each:

        • Registration Certificate/License granted by Department of Telecommunication, Government of India
        • Structural Stability Certificate for Roof-top Pole and the certificate should be issued from any authorized Structural Engineer of any of the following: the State Building Construction Department/Local Bodies/Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee/IITs/NITs, State Government Engineering (Civil) Colleges or any other agency authorized from time to time
        • Type Test Certificate issued by ARAI or any other authorized agency to the manufacturer of Diesel Generator Sets (if applicable)
        • Drawing of the tower with complete details including the specifications of foundations & design parameters
        • Indemnity Bond (Original) to take care of any loss or injury to accident caused by the tower apart of the reasons of force-major (including a declaration to the effect that the Applicant will take necessary precautions for the safety and lighting and it shall be solely responsible for case arising there from) (if applicable)
        • Location plan, site plan, elevation plan & structure plan
        • NOC from building/land owner where Mobile Tower is proposed to be installed & authorized Person in case of Government premises
        • Clearance from Fire Safety Department, only for high rise buildings where Fire Clearance is mandatory (if applicable)
        • Any other document relevant, in the opinion of the Applicant, connected with or related to the work proposed to be undertaken (if applicable)
        • Any other certificate/NOC required by authority from time to time (if applicable)
        • Clearance from State Environment & Forest Department (if applicable)
        • NOC from NHAI, ASI, Airport Authority (if applicable)
        • After submission of all details in application form, read the declaration, check the I Agree checkbox and click on Submit Application Form button.
        • Thereafter, applicant will be redirected to preview the filled application form and do the final submission of form. After Final Submission of Application Form no changes will be allowed in it. Hence, applicants are advised to do required changes in application form, if any, by going on respective Step before final submission.

Partially completed applications will appear in Incomplete Application(s) section. Applicant can complete the particular application from this section.

Login once created can be used by applicant for submitting multiple applications for NOC for Establishment/Laying of any Telecommunication Infrastructure in Bihar by particular registered agency.

Step 5 – Submit One Time Permission Fee

        • After final submission of application form, applicant will be redirected to submit One Time Permission Fee online as specified by the department.
        • Click on Proceed to Pay button appearing on Fee Submission page to submit fee. Thereafter, applicant will be redirected to payment gateway where they will have to submit fee through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking. After payment, applicant can download the payment receipt.
        • Applicant will also have to submit Land Usage charges in case he/she has selected Government Land/Building for establishment of infrastructure. This fee has to be submitted by applicant online, if site is found feasible for installation in inspection done by department and department has marked the site as feasible.

Applications whose final submission is done but pending for Fee Payment will appear in Application(s) Pending for Fee Payment section. Applicant can submit the fee of particular application through this section.

Step 6 – Track Status of Submitted Application Form

        • After fee payment, application will be forwarded to respective department for further necessary actions.
        • Applicant can track the status of application through Status of Submitted Application(s) section. If department raises any query in the submitted application form then applicant will have to answer/resolve it at the earliest.
        • Status of every action performed by department (Acceptance/Rejection of application/Issuance of Survey Report/Query Marked) will be displayed in this section.
        • Once the NOC is issued by department, applicant can download it from this section.

Applicant will also receive SMS and Email alerts at every required step while processing of application.

Download Application Procedure