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Online Integrated portal for Mobile Tower and OFC related application process and disposal system

Under Section 127(1) and 419(1) of the Bihar Municipal Act, 2007 the Urban Development and Housing Dept,(UD&HD) Govt. of Bihar has notified Bihar Mobile Tower, Optical Fibre Cables (OFC) and Related Telecom Infrastructure Rules-2020 on 19.08.2020 with an objective to streamline the process of application and grant of permission to Telecom Service Providers/Infrastructure Providers for installation of Mobile Tower, laying of OFC, In-Building solutions and other telecom infrastructure within the specified timeline in the State of Bihar.

Under the provision 3.1 of the Rule, UD&HD has developed an integrated portal for submission of applications and its disposal under the Single window system. The portal can be accessed at http://rowbihar.in/

Urban Development & Housing Department is the Nodal Department for the implementation and coordination under this rule.

Any Telecom Service Provider (TSP) and Infrastructure Provider-1(IP-1) holding a license issued under section-4 of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 can submit an application for the establishment and maintenance of Telecom Infrastructure.

Overground Telecom Infrastructure –

  • Mobile Towers - Ground base towers(GBT), Roof Top towers(RTT), Roof Top Poles (RTP)
  • Optical Fibre Cable - over ground(Aerial)
  • Cell of Wheel (CoW)
  • In Building Solution & Micro Communication Equipment (Micro Cell)Underground Telecom Infrastructure –
  • Optical Fibre Cable - Underground Laying

Local Authority is designated officer (already defined in rule) from various departments to give permission for use of the Government properties.

All area within Municipal Corporations, Nagar Parishads and Nagar Panchayat shall be considered as urban areas. Rest of the areas will be considered as Rural Areas.

There is no restriction of places/location unless restricted by order of Authority or Courts of law. The mobile communication towers can be installed at all locations regardless of their specified land use as per rule para-7.1.2.

There is no restriction of places/location unless restricted by order of Authority or Courts of law. The mobile communication towers can be installed at all locations regardless of their specified land use as per rule para-7.1.2.

Applicants willing to apply for Overground/Underground Tower/Optical Fiber need to follow simple steps i.e.,

(I) Register yourself on Single Window Clearance System (RoW) at http://rowbihar.in. You will get user ID and Password on the mobile number provided by you.

(II) Login from the same portal using Login Credentials (Registered Email ID and Password).

(III) Select the respective application, fill and process it as per the procedure.

An Applicant will have to pay one time application fees and annual charges as provisioned in the rule are as below,

Sl. No. Particulars Municipal Corporations Nagar Parishad Nagar Panchayat Rural Area
a. One time permission charges for establishment of Telecom Towers (GBT/RTT) 20000 18000 16000 10000
b. One time permission charges for MCE/Pole 6000 5500 5000 1200

Applicant will have to pay a fee (non-refundable) to meet administrative expenses for examination of the application and the proposed work for underground infrastructure (Optical Fiber Cable) as follows:

  • Municipal Corporation : Rs.1200/- per KM;
  • Nagar Parishad : Rs.1000/- per KM;
  • Nagar Panchayat : Rs.800/- per KM;
  • Rural Area : Rs.600/- per KM;

For one time permission charge in the case of MCE and Overground OFC and for provision of usage charge (for Govt. land/building only) para 7.3.4, 8.9 and 7.1.10 of this rule may be seen.

Yes, applicants can apply for multiple applications from the same login.

Fee can be paid through online mode only.

In case the application for permission/NOC is rejected, the fee paid shall be returned to the applicant within one month from the date of reject after deducting 20% as administrative charge by the concerned Local Authority.

If local authority finds that the application is in-complete or not as per the rule, he may raise query/queries about the shortcomings and may give an opportunity to submit revised application or document(s), rectifying the defects within 15 days. The Applicant has to answer all the queries within the timeline.

If there is no reason for rejection, the concerned Local Authority will issue permit/NOC for the Mobile Tower/OFC within 60 days from the day of making the application or revised application or documents, as the case may be

Appropriate remarks or comments will be communicated to the applicant through RoW Portal for any form of rejection. However, the application shall not be rejected unless the applicant has been given an opportunity of being heard on the reasons for such rejection.

Yes. In case of rejection of application or delay in giving permission, the applicant may go for appeal to the DTC within 15 days of such rejection.

If the Applicant is not convinced with the decision of the DTC, they may go for an appeal before the STC within 30 days of such decision of DTC.

Yes, all applicants who have applied to Single Window Clearance System can view the status of their applications at every step by Logging In. On the dashboard, there is tab named Status of Application. By clicking on particular tab, applicant can track the status of Application.

Along with this, department will also send the SMS on the registered mobile number of applicants at every step of application.

No. However they may need to visit the office for submission of Original Bank Guarantee or Indemnity Bond if applicable.

List of required documents are available in the Checklist under How to apply link on the portal. Their file format and file size are also mentioned at the time of uploading.

Helpline Number is available on the Portal. Applicant may send e-mail also on rowbihar@gmail.com

Application for regularization of existing unauthorized mobile towers or OFC shall be submitted online within a period of 06 months from the date of notification of the rule. The nodal department has right to extend this period from time to time.

Provision has been made in the login of Local Authority to raise compounding demand against existing unauthorized mobile towers or OFC. Applicant has to pay such amount for getting NOC.

Ans. Application for regularization of existing unauthorized mobile towers or OFC shall be process as per the provision mentioned in the section 9.10 of the Rule. For one time permission charge and for calculation of usage charge (for Govt. land/building only) para 7.1.10, 8.2.XIII, 8.9 and 7.3.4 of this rule may be seen.

The Local Authority has the option of ‘Raise a Query’ where they can mention any shortcomings/missing documents in the application. Local Authority can raise multiple queries/objections.

In the above case, the applicant need to submit the application to Urban Development and Housing Department for use of land/pole/Bridges.

As per Indian Stamp Bihar Amendment Act clause-57, the stamp duty will be 3% of the security amount subject to a maximum of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand).

Bank guarantee amount will be calculated at the rate of Rs. 50/- per running meter of underground OFC to be laid. The Bank Guarantee will be drawn in favour of the Permit/NOC issuing authority.

Bank Guarantee may be submitted within a period of 30 days from the date of grant of permission by the authority. Authority has the right to extend such period.

Compensation against any damage in OFC laying shall be decided by DLC/SLC and will be adjusted from the Bank Guarantee submitted by the applicant.